Overflow with grace

Overflow with grace. This sums up so much of what I want to be like as a Christian, as a Jesus loving Christian. Yes, the kind that believes He is risen from the grave and seated in heaven interceding on my behalf.  The kind that wants to read her bible more and spend time praying. Who longs to see her Father in heaven and longs to know more about Him.

To overflow means to run over the edges, spill over the sides. It’s like running a bath and having it run over the sides all over the floor. I want to overflow like that with the love of God, I want to overflow with His grace and mercy. I want my faith in Him to be so see through and bright that if overflows into all my life. I want to overflow and shine so bright that the only thing they see is Jesus. I want to empty myself of everything that’s holding me back and just be filled with the love of God.

To have grace, well that’s a hard one. Grace to me is summed up in one image. I picture Calvary where Jesus took all my (your) sin and shame and died for it so I can be free. But we need to back up first, this is a person who could have claimed a palace a crown. He comes from the line of David, but He was born in a stable into poverty. So our king knows what it’s like to be poor, to be human. He then spent His life as a carpenter training with His father Joseph, so Jesus was in the sun all day working not sitting on a throne. Our king knew how to work and live a normal life. Then at 30 when He became a man, He then started His ministry that took just 3 years. In that time He went round the edges of society to the drunks, tax collectors and prostitutes to all who were sinners (you and me). He broke bread with them and loved them, He was moved with compassion for them. This is what took Him to Calvary love and compassion. He was beaten and tortured till He was unrecognizable then He went to a shameful death so that we can be free from sin. Then was nailed to a cross after carrying it through the streets of Jerusalem whilst being abused by the very people He loved. Then after all of this when He feels alone and wants His Father He is moved with compassion. With His last breath He asks for our forgiveness, not our condemnation or for revenge on us for the treatment He has received but forgiveness.

This is the kind of grace I want, I want to be so full of love and compassion that when I go through life’s trials I think forgive them and love them. There is nothing in this life that can be worse than what Jesus endured for me so I want that kind of grace. I am not there yet, I am still working on it. This will be a place where I can share with you the work Jesus is doing in me and hopefully help you to. God bless you and may you overflow with grace.

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