Dwell’s in the secret place.

I’ve been walking round work with this verse going through my head, so I’ve decided to reflect and write about it.

Anybody that dwells in a place lives there, they choose to make that place their home. It’s their retreat, safe place somewhere where they can find rest. He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, well a secret place is a secret but how can someone live in a secret place? A secret place isn’t a secret when you have found it, it become a place you know.

Our secret place changes from day-to-day, it can be sitting in bed, the car anywhere where you’re in the throne room of God the Most High. It’s about connecting with God daily and not having it set in a routine, it’s not about putting the same music on, reading the bible for so long. It’s about your heart connecting with the Father in a fresh way and not about a routine that can become a religious practice. It’s about going to Him and just loving Him for who He is and not what we want or need.

Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. If you are going to be under anyone’s shadow then you have to get mighty close to them, you have to get within inches of them. You also have to keep moving with them and the sun, as the sun changes where the shadow falls. This means we have to be so close to God that we fall under His shadow, we have to move with Him so that we continue to stay in His shadow.

The Most High must cast quite a big shadow but I would like to be in the middle, right in the centre of it and not on the outside where I’m just about covered. This is why we have to make Him our home, He is our secret place and when we are under His shadow we don’t have to worry because He protects us. The Almighty is our umbrella against the sun, He’s our shield against the arrow that fly. If we stand directly behind Him nothing will get to you because He covers you, this is where I want to live.

To live this daily you don’t need a formula, read four verses of the bible, pray for an hour while Hill Song play in the back ground. This should be the time you go to God like you would your own Father and just talk about life, it’s like the time when you ran to Him because you had a scraped your knee. God wants this kind of relationship with us, yes He likes the bible reading as it feeds our spirit, the prayers are good too because we help Him unlock His kingdom on earth, but He longs for a relationship with you on a heart level. He wants to be everything to you, He want to be that person you can’t wait to come home too so you can tell them about your day. Some of my best moments with God have been in my bedroom just sitting quietly before Him, we connected in our hearts and I got to know His heart.

I pray that you can find your secret place and that you can abide in His shadow, that you can be so close to Him you can smell the aroma of the Almighty. That you know your protected and loved, how He longs for you and wants to connect deeply with you. God bless you.



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