We do not wrestle against flesh and blood!

Over the last few years this world has become a dark place, we have terrible street bombings, terrorist attacks and crime seems to be on the rise. Yes, everything looks dark but God is bigger than all of these things, He reminds us in Ephesians that we don’t war against flesh and blood but against the things of the Spirit.

We don’t fight any people group, religion, color or sexual orientation, we fight the spirit behind it. We fight the devil and his minions, we fight the third of the angels that decided to turn against God. We don’t fight the Muslim family in our street, the gay person who serves us in the supermarket or the criminals being released back onto our streets. We fight against an enemy who lies, cheats and wants to destroy Gods children.

We fight to claim backs our families, friends, streets, neighborhood and our nation. We do this by praying for the lost souls out there, we do this by prayer walks around our neighborhood, we do this by warring with the spirit of violence, terrorism and many others. We do this by fasting and interceding for our nations, leaders and we cry out for God to move in this darkness, that His kingdom comes to earth and that He sends His people out into the harvest fields.

We have an enemy and He’s as real as you and I, we have an enemy that has lost the battle but wants to take as many people to hell with him as he can, he wants to break Gods heart by turning people away from Him. He has people in governments, businesses and every sphere of society and they want to make this world a dark place. This is where the church needs to stand up, rise up together with our armor and swords and fight it in the spirit. We need to pray for people to be in control who are God filled, we need to pray that we have people in every sphere of society who loves Jesus and wants to see His will on earth. We need to pray scriptures over every situation because His word is truth.

I ask you to find where your passion lies and pray about it, it could be the lost, nations, government anything that sets your heart on fire. This is where your called to pray, this is where God needs you to stand and intercede on His behalf, your prayers will enable God to move. We need the church to pray and get off the sidelines and into the thick of it. Enough is enough! We can do this, because greater is He who is in us than is in the world. We need to stand with God, He’s looking for you, this world is looking for you, your children are looking to you to make this stand. Are you ready for this fight? Are you prepared to stand for what you believe?

Remember your never alone and He is always with you. We we are in a battle we are part of an army and you will encounter the enemy but remember that he’s defeated, he’s desperate and that Jesus won that battle on the cross. We are victorious because of the blood and we can stand firm in that knowledge.

I pray that you find what you’re passionate about and you pray about it, you stand in the gap for it. I pray the church moves as one and that Gods kingdom invades earth. God bless you.

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