Reconnect to charger!

If anyone was to ask me how the last few days have been I would say exhausting. Saturday afternoon after I finished work I felt like my battery was on 3% and I was only doing the bare essentials, which consisted of eat, sleep, and work. If I were my smartphone I would’ve turned myself off or I would be flashing reconnect to charger, shutting down all non-essential programmes.

It’s only by reflecting over the last few days I can see where I went wrong. It started out small, I downloaded an app on my tablet. I was only going to have a look but, I stayed awake late at night, which caused me to sleep in longer. I then sacrificed my time with God before work and this was not going to be a problem because I can spend time with God after work.  That was the plan, the thing I’ve learnt with plans is they don’t alway work and this one didn’t.

After work I read my devotional and was going to catch up on some sleep because I was tired. I thought I would check my emails first and this is when it happened I saw this app and spent the best part of the afternoon glued to my tablet. I then had tea which gave me about an hour reprieve of this new addiction but it was calling to me. I had to play this new game and beat my high score. This started Thursday and ended yesterday (Saturday) when I deleted the app. This was after wasting every spare moment playing it and trying to unlock new features.

What I’ve learnt from this is I need to spend time with God. After the last four days, I became physically and spiritually exhausted. This is not good, I became extremely grumpy, tired and just didn’t want to do anything. I had no patience and wasn’t joyful, I wasn’t a pleasure to be around and it’s with a heavy heart I can say I wasn’t very Christ like.

I’ve learnt that I need to look after my body and spirit. My body needs food, water and sleep to function. My spirit needs to the same. It needs to be fed God’s word, it needs to be refreshed with worship and I need to rest with God so He can restore my spirit. If I neglect one I can’t do the other and if I do one more than the other I’m not balanced and then things like the last four days happen.

I have learnt I need to reconnect to my charger, to my heavenly power source so I keep my spirit charged and running at 100% I hope this helps you. God bless.

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