All your heart.

Love. New love, it’s great you can’t stop thinking about them, you long to make them happy and show you love them. After a while this changes as you get to know them and it becomes about compromise and balancing out both points of view, some relationships make it and some don’t. There is always going to be one relationship that will never fail, it will always be enough and that’s your relationship with God.

God wants all your heart, He wants you to trust Him to direct your steps through life, He wants you to stop trying to figure it out on your own and to leave your past behind you. He wants you to have faith in Him.

All your heart, means He occupies your thoughts because you love Him, your heart is burning for Him and longing to understand His love.

We need to have trust in Him because when He says move, it’s in your interest to move and follow Him even when we question it with our human minds. He want’s us to take a leap of faith and trust Him with everything. He doesn’t want you to question Him and wonder if it’s the right thing, He wants us to move with Him. Where He will lead you is better than where your mind and understanding will take you.  He has big plans for you and He knows how to get you to the finish line. All you need to do is trust and have faith in Him.

Lay aside your control and know that the almighty is directing your steps.

I have made it a habit to thank God for the small things in life, it might be a green traffic light on the way to work, my favourite song coming on the radio or a kind word from someone when I need it, I always try in my heart to say thank you to the Lord because He controls all of this and is watching over my day. It’s not so easy when I wake up late, I haven’t had my coffee and I have to deal with grumpy people at work. I still have to say Thank you, even when I question why it hasn’t been great but I know it all happens for a reason and I trust Him. The author of this world is directing me through life, just like you so say thank you to Him once in a while and I promise you, it will change you. It will change your perspective on life and it will change your heart, you will become God focused and not-self focused. God bless you.

Dear father, I pray that the people reading this will understand that you love them dearly, that you long to know them more. I ask that you show them how much they mean to you and to show yourself in the day-to-day things. I know that you have a plan for them and I know that it will be so much better than what we can imagine. I ask you to strengthen them and to guide them as you always do through life keeping them on this path of understanding. I want to thank you for guiding us so far and for loving us so much. I love you and we long to know more of you, change our hearts to be more like you and to trust you even when we don’t understand. Thank you Jesus. Amen.


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