Worship, the hearts song.

Worship, as a church attending Christian it’s something your all should be familiar with. It’s the thing that starts off the Sunday service, be it hymns, Hill song or any form of singing.  Worship isn’t just about songs, we can experience God through them but true worship is something more.

I want to clarify here that worship isn’t something used to whip up the atmosphere so we can break through to God, it’s not a formula either three fast songs and two slow ones. It should be a place where we connect with God through praising Him for who He is. This can be in the form of song, dance, drawing, writing or even gardening. It’s anything where you connect with God and you praise Him.

True worship is where your heart connects with God, it will take you above your problems so you can have wings like an eagle. (Isaiah 40:31) Why is this important? an eagle never fights where its weak! it fights in the sky where it reigns, it will pick up its enemy and drop it from a great hight, use its claws and fight on his terms. This is what worship does for us, it takes us from our natural perspective and gives us the heavenly perspective, where we can see everything though God’s eyes.

Worship is the hearts song to God, it’s the communication between the two. The bible is full of worship, the book of Psalms is a book of praise and worship. Throughout the bible we see worshipers be it Moses, David, Paul and Silas. They all worshiped God completely. We need to do the same today, worship God with all our hearts.

Worship is a lifestyle, it’s not about singing to God in the car or at church. It’s about our whole life being worship to Him, everything we do is worship to God. Worship is the overflow of the heart, what your heart is full off will affect your worship. If your full of greed and the need for more, you will become greed centred and you will live that way, everything will be about making money and acquiring more. If your heart is full of the need to please people, you will care about their opinions and never be settled, you will change who you are for the people around you and everything will be about getting people to like you. If your heart is full of God’s love, you will be so focused on Him that life becomes less attractive, you will live out His plans for you and His voice will guide you, He will be everything to you.

I’m constantly ask God to give me the heart of a worshiper, I ask Him to keep my heart in the state of worship. I want my life to be a life of worship where He is everything to me, where I give Him everything and He becomes my everything. I would like you all to find your style of worship and use it to express your love to God. I’ve had the best time of worship on my own just repeating in a whisper the love I have for Him, its change my heart and life.

I pray that you have the heart of a worshiper and that you learn to see what’s holding you back from true worship. I pray that you find your joy in the Lord and that worship become a lifestyle for you. God bless you.


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