Like Eagles.

I’ve been fascinated with eagles, it started with Isaiah 40:31. I wondered why God chose eagles out of all His creation, why not a lion? why not another animal? I since then have been looking at the eagle as an animal and they are magnificent. I believe we can look at the eagle and apply its special skills to our walk with God.

Eagles come in all shapes and sizes and they are one of the largest birds of prey, they are at the top of the food chain they don’t have to worry about predators because they rule where they live. As Christians we all come in different shapes and sizes, not physically but spiritually. We have babies in Christ, Mothers and Fathers, pastors, intercessors, prophets, mighty generals and many more. What’s really important to remember is we reign wherever we are, we have complete victory because of Jesus. We have authority because we are Children of God. We are like the eagle, we reign where we live! Nothing has power over us! Our prey should run from us because we have Jesus walking with us, they should keep looking over their shoulder because we are on the move.

Eagles have amazing eye sight they can detect prey up to two miles away, they see four times better than we do and have a greater field of view. They also can detect two extra colours and see UV light, their eyes can weigh as heavy as ours and they can take up half the eagle’s head. We need to have eyes like an eagle that can detect our enemy miles away, how do we do this by worship and getting above our problems. When we go above our perspective we see Gods perspective, then like the eagle, we can see beyond our problems and look to where we going. We also need to have our eye focused on the spirit realm where our enemy operates. We need to see shapely and to focus on God’s word so we can pray His word over the situation.

Eagles eat a wide verity of food, they eat fish, reptiles and some even eat monkeys. They can carry up to four pounds which is about half their body weight. They hunt with their talons by picking up there prey and carrying it away from where its strongest. An eagle never looks over its shoulder when going in for the kill because it’s the king of where it hunts and what would be stupid enough to take on the eagle. This is how we should be in our towns, cities and nations. We own where we live and we are the top predator there, we don’t bow the knee to anyone but Jesus! We don’t look over our shoulder scared because the almighty has our backs, we don’t hesitate going into battle because we are like the almighty eagle, top of the food chain. With God’s word in our mouth what can stop us because Jesus has already won the victory.

Eagles are a creature of habit and are territorial, they will use the same nest every year but update it. They go to the same spots to hunt and will only move when they can’t find food. We have to be creatures of habit, not religion. We have to spend time with God because He sustains us and builds us up. We need to fight for our territory, to stand for our family, cities, nation we need to rise up like eagles and see above our problems. We all need to take a stand and say no more! If we all rise up and take a stand, God will have an army of warriors ready to fight for whats right and true.

Lets all rise on the wings of an Eagle and enjoy the freedom of reigning where we live. God Bless.



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