I love Papua

Papua Indonesia is a beautiful place, I was lucky enough to spend two weeks their last summer on a mission with Voice in the City and Love Papua team. We spent two weeks in Manokwari were I fell in love with the place.

I fell in love with the people, culture and their land. I love that land, my heart longs to go back as I felt like I was at home. I met a wonderful bunch of people and was so blessed by the locals, they walked hours just to meet us off the plane in their full  tribal wear.

Landed in Manokwari.

I love the culture that they have, they are very respectful especially for their elders and visitors, they are very hospitable and everything revolves around food or makan. They gather around as a family, team and friends and they share food with leisure, they share stories and its pleasant sitting and listening to them. It’s not like western culture where we cram our food in with the speed of light, where we don’t talk at the table and share about each others day. Food to them is fellowship and its great, they make great nasi goreng which is their special dish fried rice, its out of this world.

I love the land as I have never seen anywhere so untouched by modern life, its like a post card.

Day at the beach.
Arfak Mountains.

It’s such a beautiful land and it has captured my heart since I have left, I love Papua and I love Indonesia. I love to hear what my friends are doing in Manokwari, they are going out to the locals, the children and even speaking to the elders of tribes about the love of Jesus. They live for Jesus and sharing His love with everyone they meet.


I am waiting to go back and reconnect with the family I left on the other side of the world. I dream about this place, I pray for these people and I long to visit this land again. Papua you have my heart.

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