Yes I’m single, yes I’m over thirty! It’s a choice on my part, I choose to trust God to provide everything I need in life and yes that includes a partner. I know it might not happen and you know what I have finally accepted that I’m ok with being single. I have come to understand that I love who I am because God made me who I am, He holds my life in His hands and decides what happens, all I need to do is trust.

You might ask where this is coming from, well I have found out that all my previous partners are happy with new partners. I must admit a part of me wondered what was up with me? am I that easy to replace? but I remembered that I have Gods promise that He will always look after me even when I don’t understand, especially when I don’t understand.

I haven’t been on a date in three years, I made a promise to God that I would wait until the right man came along. Has the last three years been easy no! I haven’t even had to turn anyone down because no one has asked, I know this is God’s plan and He’s saving me for my future husband but it makes me question myself, am I good looking? will I find the right person? what’s wrong with me? Yes I know that I’m beautiful in Gods eyes and I know who I am, I’m a Child of God, loved and adored by a Heavenly Father. That’s who I am but it doesn’t stop my mind from thinking these things.

I’m writing this because I need to pour out my heart and get this off my chest. I’m fed up with people thinking I need to find a man, every time I meet someone it’s have you got children, a man and how life treating you. I say I’m single, I’m waiting for the right partner to build a life with, I’m waiting for the right person who will grow with me and not just hang around for the fun of it. I don’t want to casually hang out, I don’t want to waste time with relationships that aren’t going anywhere I want the real deal. This is why I have handed it all to God, I couldn’t think of anyone better than Him to find the right person because He created us both. In the mean time I won’t be dating, I won’t be hooking up or looking around I will be praying for my future family and asking God to take these negative thoughts away.

I know that he’s out there somewhere and I know God wouldn’t have put this desire in my heart if it was never going to happen, I just ask Him for the strength to get through this period of my life and to help him to do the same wherever he is. That God will help me build the relationship I have with Him first and to give me peace in the single season.

For the people who are in couples please be mindful of single people, we are waiting for the right person and we don’t need all the questions. We are not defined by our relationship status, we are defined by our relationship with God. The single people out there need your support and prayer not the questions and judgement, while we patiently wait for the promises of God.

I am choosing to put God first to build my relationship with Him first and I believe everything will be alright in the end. I hope you have found this helpful my fellow singles and couples. God bless you.

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