God loves you 

I know this world is searching for peace and love, if you are searching for love then look at Jesus. He is love. He came to earth to save us from sin and shame by dying on the cross so that we can know the love of the Father. This love will change you and complete you, it’s the thing you are searching for. 

God will never leave you, abandon you and He will always love you. He created you and knows you inside out, nothing you have done or will do will stop Him from loving you. He created you to be who you are and He longs to know you, He sent His beloved Son to die for you. John 3:16

We look to this world and try to find acceptance, I would like you to think about eternity. If you died now and were standing in front of God what do you think He would tell you? Do you think you would enter heaven of hell? There is only two choices that will determine where you spend eternity. Do you choice Jesus and accept Him as your friend and savior or did you walk away? Heaven or hell!

We will all face God when we die. If you don’t know Jesus then you don’t know God and you belong to satan and you will go straight to hell for eternity. The only way to heaven is through Jesus. John 14:6 If you died now where would you go? Would you be happy with the outcome?are you at peace with where you are going ? I am, I know I’m Gods daughter and will go to heaven. 

I still have to face God and give Him an account of my life, an account of every word, deed and heart motive throughout my life. Every word I have spoken, every thought and wrong direction I have taken but also all the good deeds I have done, every good word spoken and the right paths I have taken. Would God be happy with you life? 

Unfortunately you can’t enter heaven just because you attend church, your family are Christians or you have done more good in you life then bad. The only thing that qualifies you to enter the pearly gates and live in paradise is Jesus. Having a relationship with Him and the Father, giving you heart to Him and living for His glory, walking in obedience to Him and His word.

It’s not to late to put your eternity into Gods hands all you need to do is ask Jesus into your life, ask for forgiveness and truly mean it with you heart. Then speak to your local church who will help guide you in your new walk with God. Your life will never be the same again you will know a love so deep that words can’t express it and you will have a peace that surpasses all understanding. God bless you.

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