Bitter or better

We’ve all had moments that have defined us in a negative way. Where we struggle to forgive and move on, it’s these moments I want to talk about.

Bitter or better, unforgiveness can make us bitter and it can steal our peace, joy and relationship with God. If you hold onto unforgiveness it will eventually make you bitter, and that will gradually take over your heart. When your bitter you are not happy, you don’t have peace, you find it hard to seek the Lord and it affects your relationship with people around you. Everything becomes a chore, hard work and its a struggle to be normal, its like holding a mask up to the world and pretending its fine when really inside your breaking.

Better isn’t easy its hard work and it’s a process that you have to live out daily. It’s the choices you make countless times throughout the day. When old thoughts or habits come into your head you go, not now quote scripture and pray about them. This is the choice of loving everyone around you even especially the people who have hurt you. It’s making up your mind that you only want God’s best for your life and aiming to be a better servant of God.

I’m walking this at the moment, I don’t want to write about something that I’m not living and aspiring to. I’ve recently paid off a debt that was left to me by someone I cared about, I’ve gone through and divorce and had to move back home feeling like a failure. Have I let this make me bitter? Yes, before Jesus I was resentful, bitter and downright mean. I’m now walking the path of better! I’m not there yet but I can tell you its better to be on this path than the path of bitterness.

I’ve had to stand before God and ask Him a lot of questions. I’ve asked Him why I went through a failed marriage, why I ended up in debt and why I was allowed to reach rock bottom where I thought life wasn’t worth living. Yes, I had a debate with God. Lets just say He won! But, I came out understanding why these things happened. I realised that I had to lose everything to find the one who completes me. The one who knows me whole heartedly, loves me dearly and wants the best for me.

I still sit with Him and ask loads of questions and He always answers. I’ve started the walk of forgiveness and its a daily walk where I forgive these people in my life that have caused me immense pain. I just talk to God about it all and ask Him to help me to forgive because I want to be better not bitter. It’s not easy but its worth it.

I pray that this has helped you and inspired you to be better and not bitter, to walk the walk of forgiveness. I pray that anything that’s holding you back will come to light and that with Jesus’s help you can be free from the pain. I pray that your heart is set free from bitterness and that you seek Gods best for your life. God bless.

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