Rose-colour glasses!

I’ve always been a person that looks on the glass half full side of life, I own a pair of rose-coloured glasses and I always try to find the best in people even when its hard.

I have come to realise that before I knew Jesus I had these glasses on all the time, I saw my life as great, I wanted a career and to be successful I was driven by wanting more. I wanted to have the rom-com kind of romance that had no substance and wondered why it went wrong. I wanted my life to be like a snap chat filter, I could gloss over all the wrinkles and blemishes of my life because I was living how I wanted to. It seemed to fulfill me and make me happy, but I wasn’t happy not truly happy.

I have now come to realise these glasses have been removed and I see thing completely different all the thing that used to bother me and drive me no longer seem important. They really seem trivial and a waste of time, I don’t want money to drive my life, I don’t want a romance with out Jesus being in the middle and I don’t want to gloss over my wrinkles because God love my wrinkles and helps me make them smooth. (Isaiah 40:3-5) I am thankful that I no longer see my life how I used to see it and that I can now see it from Jesus’s perspective.

I’ve looked back over my life and realised that these glasses kept me in relationships, situations and careers that weren’t good for me. I saw only the good and never saw the bad. Its like when you break up with someone and you tell someone who knows them the truth of what happened, they don’t see it because they only see a side of them, it the side that person wants to show. They’ve rose colour glasses on so they see the lie and we know the truth because we have lived it, we have a different perspective. I have now seen my life from a three hundred and sixty-five degree angle and I now see the mistakes I missed. I now know a lot more about myself because these glasses have been taken off.

I still own a pair, yes they are rose-coloured but they hold a different power I can see God in every situation. Would I ever change these glasses? No I love these glasses! I want to see Jesus in every aspect of my life.

If it wasn’t for Jesus saving me, I would still be living out a snap chat filter life where everything looks good but its all gloss, rose-coloured and not the truth. He saved me from sin and took those glasses from me so I can see the sin of the world and realise that I don’t want that truth I want His truth. It’s the only truth I want in my life and I can’t seem to take these new glasses off. I don’t mind this because I have a peace that changes everything it’s a peace that God has me in His hand and will uphold me through the storm. I love Him and His love change me for the better.

I know who I am, I know what I was made for and I have so much love in my heart. Jesus changed me and He can change you to. God bless you.

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