You had me at hello!

I must confess I love movies, I have spent a lot of my life watching movies. I love to check out the actors, see what they’ve been in before and you know just enjoy the story. I recently watched Jerry Maguire, what can I say I like Tom Cruise and Renée Zellweger in the 1996 classic I still remember the first time I watched as a teenager. The scene where Jerry is confessing his love to Dorothy “I love you, you complete me.” Wow! But what follows is the iconic line “you had me at hello!” Teenage heart forever changed by a rom-com’s take on love that is never quite obtainable.

This got me thinking about Jesus. I’m Tom Cruise (a taller female version of course.) I spent a lot of time talking to Him about how He makes my life better, how work isn’t the same unless He’s with me, my life just seems hollow without Him. I spend a considerable about of time pouring my heart out and Jesus turns round and say “you had me at hello.” I didn’t need all that lip service that makes you feel better because I already know about it. I just want you and your hello’s, your every day life. I want to be the center because I complete you, not this world and it’s ideas. I paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can have these hello conversations.

This to me is the best kind of romance, this is the only kind of love I want. I don’t want Jerry and Dorothy or any other romance I have ever seen and believe me I’ve seen quite a few. I want the love that completes me body, mind and spirit. This love is only found with Jesus, this love changes you completely. It’s the kind of love that will save you from an eternity in hell, it’s the kind of love that never leaves, it’s the kind of love you can always count on. 

Jesus is love, all He wants is your hello’s. He wants your everyday life, your time and your trust. If you give it all to Him then you will be walking a better path than any movie. It will be the path that Jesus has mapped out for you, it will not be easy it comes with a cost, sometimes we have to give up and do things we question. The good news is that Jesus walks beside us and we have Him, with us every step of the way. 

Do I still like Rom-coms? Yes I do but I don’t expect them in real life. I don’t fall for the lies of Hollywood I know that true romance take hard work, it’s building a relationship with someone who you can trust and that you can walk with every day. I’m not looking for that yet I’m to busy looking after the most important relationship in my life and that Jesus. He is my everything and I love Him with all my heart. So Jesus, I love you, you complete me and please always have time for my hello’s. God bless you.

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