Hot, hot, hot!

I’m one of those people that are always boiling hot or freezing cold. I genuinely run on the hot side of life, I’m always asking is it hot or is it me? Yes, I’m hot stuff. When I’m cold its because I have cold hands/feet or I’m sicking for something. My body doesn’t do cold. I don’t even do lukewarm I can’t seem to find the perfect temperature it’s either one extreme or another.

Our spirits shouldn’t do freezing cold or lukewarm it should be boiling hot, on fire for Jesus! In Revelation 3:14-22 Jesus speaks about being hot, cold and lukewarm, He prefers us to be hot or cold to lukewarm. Why is it better to be Hot or cold to lukewarm? What is lukewarm?

Being hot and on fire for Jesus is when you can’t live without Him, your whole life is centered around Him, you sing praises to Him and you have an intimate relationship with Him. Being this on fire for Jesus is where we should be aiming, this is dedication and it takes work. It takes time to study God’s word with prayer and worship. You can’t be on fire for Jesus if He’s your second, third or fourth choice. He’s number one! You focus everything on Him and His presence goes with you through life. It’s everything or nothing else!

Being cold is the complete opposite of above, this is where you have lost your love for Jesus and you don’t think about Him as much as you used to. This is where you struggle to relate to Jesus and you still live for yourself first. It’s where you find it hard to walk into His presence and you find spending time with Him on the bottom of your list. You don’t spend time with Him, you don’t read the Bible or spend time in prayer and worship. It’s nothing and everything else in life.

Lukewarm is where it gets tricky, it starts out that we are on fire for Jesus. Then we shift our focus, we got the things we asked and prayed for, we are comfortable and feel complete. We seem to have all the good things in life, instead of relying on Him to provide everything and giving Him the glory you start to think I’ve done well. I’ve a big house, car, family, career and money I don’t need Jesus. This is where we are so wrong! We need Him even more! We don’t want to get boastful and have pride in what we’ve done, it has nothing to do with us and what we can do because God gave it us anyway . Why? Because He loves us! It’s got nothing to do with how well we preform, how good we’ve been or what acts of service we do. It’s all to do with His love, He loves us because He loves us because He loves us! It’s something’s and not everything.

This is when we go through the motions at church, at work and with family. We say all the right things and outside we look the part but our hearts aren’t right with God. We want our praise from people and not Jesus, this make Jesus want to vomit us out Revelation 3:16. I’m not sure about you but I don’t want to be so repulsive to Jesus that He wants to vomit, I want Him to look at me with love. 

I aim to keep my spirit on fire for Jesus, if you were completely honest where would you be right now? Is there anything you can do to keep your fire burning so your always on fire for Jesus? I myself love worship, I love music. It’s my life after Jesus so I always have worship music on, I’m always singing and I refuse to sing or listen to anything other then worship music! I want to fill my heart and soul with worship so my fire is always burning. I’ve even listened to the Bible whist falling asleep when I had trouble sleeping so I found peace before sleep, all these things have helped and still help to keep my fire burning. Keep your fire burning God bless you.

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