Not Churched!

I know a lot of people have grown up in the church and that’s great. I’m not one of them, I haven’t grown up in church I didn’t go to Sunday school, I haven’t been to youth camp and other things growing up. I didn’t spend my early and mid twenties in church either I got saved at the age of twenty eight. In that short span of time I’ve lived a life completely different to that of the church. And all it took was one moment with Jesus where I met Him face to face and He changed my life.

I’m a bible believe Jesus loving Christian who owes her life to Jesus, He saved my souls and completed me, He is my everything. This is why I don’t always understand church, I don’t understand how we are all not on fire for Jesus because He lives and died for us so we can be free. I don’t get how church can be so religious and have set programs where God doesn’t really play a part, its more about the preachers, the tithes and the building. Where it’s more of a social event than a spiritual one and that the gospel isn’t always spoken in full. Jesus spent more time talking about hell than heaven, He didn’t sugar coat sin and He always spoke the truth even when it was hard to hear.

I’m not churched, I read the book of acts and weep with tears because we are missing the mark. Church then, our shall I say “the way” as they were called. They lived life together, the ate together and were accountable to each other. They met with Jesus in relationship and not religion, they knew Him on a personal level. This is where I sit at the moment. I like my church, do I fit in? Not sure.

I don’t conform to a church standard because it’s not about church to me it’s about Jesus. What the church needs to understand is that a lot of people will be coming in who haven’t done church. Who haven’t been churched. We have lived in a world where it’s hard and we want to truth, the facts and we come because we met Jesus. We don’t want happy clappy we want the real gospel, we want to be fed with Gods word not someone’s idea of it. We might not fit in and we definitely won’t be what you expect, but you can learn a lot from us because we’re real and we were changed like Paul on the road to Damascus. We don’t want a list of rule and doctrine that will make us appear spiritual and make us acceptable to your church. We are spiritual already and we will question you over everything because we want the truth and to abandon our live to Jesus.

I know that this isn’t something a lot of people won’t want to hear and read, and if the church doesn’t wake up and get real then we could lose a lot of people out of the church. Then we are failing Jesus. I’m not saying church is a bad thing I actually think it’s a great idea because it’s Gods idea so we have fellowship together because iron sharpens iron.

This is coming from someone who struggles to fit in to the normal church, I struggle because Jesus is my everything. I live completely for Him and I look around and wonder how people can’t have the passion for Jesus and be on fire for Him. I know we are all different and that what makes us all special. I’m just sharing a few of my struggles and wonder if there are other people who haven’t been “churched” out there feeling the same. I hope this has helped you in some way. God bless.

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