Powerful prayer

Prayer. It’s a topic that a lot of people find hard, myself included. We all know that when we’re saved we should read/study our bibles, worship God and pray. In 1 Thessalonians 5:17 it even tells us to pray without ceasing, Matthew 6:6 says when you pray go somewhere private and God will reward you openly. How can we do this? and how can we get God to answer? and why is prayer hard work?

I have recently brought a new bible and book, which have impacted my prayer life even more.20170727_125358.jpg

I have been taught by Suzette Hattingh and the Voice in the City team to always pray Gods word over things, to ask God for a scripture and pray until things change. It’s only lately that I have come to realise how important this is, and you only get better at it the more you do it. Also you need to know God’s Word, you need to study it and when you start to pray scripture you come to understand God more, you see His heart in the verses and you come to place where it’s not about yourself but Him.

I can promise you now that the more dedicated you are to prayer and praying Gods Word the clearer your focus becomes. Is this going to be easy, NO! Its going to take hard work, time and dedication.

I myself find that I pray better late at night, I ask God to walk with me throughout my day but the time where I can fellowship with Him in prayer and worship is evening. I think it’s because I am free from the stress of the day and He is my only focus. I go into my room and put on my earphones with worship music playing and just start to worship, then when I feel the need to I start to pray. I pray in tongues  1 Corinthians 14:2 this is where my Spirit speaks to God, I then follow where God leads me. If He gives me places, people or nations to pray about I do and I then speak the scripture He has given me in prayer over the places, people or nations.

Isaiah 55:10-11 Shows us how His word never returns empty. Its says His Word not ours. His word will not return void or in some translations without fruit, also that it shall accomplish what God pleases. We know that God only wants the best for us so He will use that pray for His glory. Yes, there are times where you just need to talk to God and get things off your chest but always pray a scripture after.

I speak Scripture because its God’s Word, it has power! This whole world was spoken into  creation in the first chapter of Genesis. God spoke “Let there be Light” and there was light and there has always been light since. Jesus spoke “It is Finished” at the cross, then the curse of sin was forever broken and the rule of satan over the earth has finished. So when we take God’s word and speak in the spirit realm we have the same impact Jesus has on the cross and the Father on the day of creation. This is because we have the Holy Spirit within us and He uses our words or Gods Word when we pray.

Remember that prayer is a heart attitude, that we can pray without ceasing when we place God at the centre of our lives. This means that when we are at work we can shift our thought to Jesus and have Him with us, we can even have Him with us when we’re shopping, Hallelujah. The Holy Spirit is with us twenty-four hours seven days a week, there is not a time where He leaves you. He is in constant communication with the Father and Jesus. He prays without ceasing, He guides us. He gives us our authority in the heavenly places to impact the spirit realm.

I pray that this has challenged you to pray more and to pray more scripture, that you want to study Gods Word and understand Him through prayer. I pray that God pours out His wisdom to you and that you take your prayer life to the next level. God bless you.

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