No condemnation so don’t judge me!

I am not defined by my sex, relationships, past, financial situation or physical appearance! I am defined by my relationship with Jesus, my ability to follow His will for my life. In Romans 8:1-3 it says that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus and He has freed me. What am I free from? I’m free from death because Jesus brought my eternal freedom from sin on the cross. He died so that somethings everything is forgiven when I walk by His Spirit and not my flesh. He took my sin and shame and wore it on the cross, He experienced pain and suffering so He can forgive me and love me eternally.

I want to confess something to you, before I knew Jesus as my saviour I got married and then divorced. I’ve been forgiven by Jesus and He loves me, what I don’t understand is why I am condemned by people who profess Christianity. If the bible is true and we know it’s the true word from God then I am free from sin. Is divorce any more of a sin than lying? No! Every sin, big or small needs to be forgiven at Calvary where Jesus’s blood ran red so we can stand in robes of righteousness.

So if Jesus forgave me at the point of my salvation, then why have I been told by people not to mention it? because people will judge me! I’ve been told to omit it from my testimony because it might bring ramification to my character. After this conversation I didn’t share my testimony, I spoke to my Dad and he suggested that I shouldn’t be in a situation where I can’t be completely truthful. Why is this such a big deal in Revelation 12:11 it says they overcame death by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimonies. I believe we need the whole testimony not just parts that are ok for Christian life, if it wasn’t for this divorce I wouldn’t be the person I am now and I wouldn’t have found Jesus.

I’m not saying that divorce is right, I am a big believer of marriage and God being at the centre. What I want you to know is I was a sinner, I married the wrong person, God wasn’t in our marriage I didn’t even know Him personally.  One seven minute conversation confirmed that I married the wrong person. After I finished this conversation, I felt worthless and absolutely horrible. I know that God wouldn’t want me to be subjected to this day in, day out for the rest of my life. If I was true to myself I had a gut feeling that I shouldn’t have got married in the first place but I didn’t have the courage to back down. Which now means I am stuck with the stigma and judgement from people who don’t understand the full facts. They don’t understand all that went on, and all the things I have dealt with before or after this divorce. What makes me sad is I can’t even talk about it in church, my close friends know but what a sad state we are in when we sensor what can be shared in fellowship. We have to hide parts of our past that could be used against us, the past that was even before we even stepped foot in a church, before we even knew Jesus as our saviour, friend and comforter.

I wanted to share this very personal message because for the last twenty-four hours after that phone call, I’ve felt awful, worthless and rejected. I know it’s all a lie and that I am loved by Jesus. That my identity starts and finishes with what He says about me not anyone else, that I am loved, forgiven and accepted by Him. I want to encourage you that no matter what is going on in your life Jesus loves you, He will never leave you and you are priceless to Him. No matter what your past held, it has no power over your future with Jesus. That the negative words spoken to you or about you have no power because Jesus speaks the truth about you, you are forgiven, restored and redeemed by Him. His sacrifice on the cross is enough to free you from condemnation so you can walk side by side with Him.

I know some of you will relate to this and I know some of you are going through some other situations that bring you to a dark place. I want to encourage you to continue to walk by the Spirit of God not the flesh. Find a scripture that encourages you and have it posted around the place, on mirrors, the fridge door your lock screen on your phone anywhere where it can build you up. I want you to remember that Jesus loves you and died for you so that we are not condemned anymore that we are free from sin. We are children of God and that God designed you to be a work of art. God bless.

4 responses to “No condemnation so don’t judge me!”

    • Yes rule one of pizza night. Don’t disturb pizza night!!! I might turn my phone off on the next one, hopefully you will be here on the next one 😊❤


  1. Oh bless your heart Emma. Thank you for sharing your story. We all have dark moments from our past but they’re all lessons that help us grow & God uses the hard times that we go through to help others. There is no condemnation & the slate is wiped completely clean. Keep on living in Gods freedom & refuse to believe the lies of the enemy. You are awesome! Hayley 😊

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