It is well

We have all heard the saying life is what you make it. I think life is what you make it and more importantly its how you react to events. We have people who view the world as the glass half full and people who view it as half empty. I would like to say I try to find the silver lining in every situation so I’m the glass half full kind of person.

I’ve been reading 2 Kings 4:8-37 this is where Elisha meets a Shunammite woman, she is a notable woman which means she was a wealthy woman who happened to be married. She also must have been a good hostess because Elisha kept coming back for food, she was so concerned with looking after Elisha she built him a room to stay in when he traveled that way. This woman recognized that he was a man of God and she wanted to help him and make sure he was comfortable when he stayed with her.

Elisha in return to all this kindness and hospitality shown to him stops one day and asks his servant to bring the woman to him. He said to her “Look you have been concerned for us with all this care. What can I do for you? Do you want me to speak on your behalf to the king or the commander of the army?” Elisha must have been to this house a number for times over a period of time and he must have felt comfortable there. He was a prophet who spoke to God, he was used to people asking things of him and expecting to hear from God. This woman had a messager from God under her roof more than once and left him rest, made his welfare her priority she didn’t seek him out to benefit her own desires. She even replies to this question with “I dwell among my own people” She was happy where she was, she was comfortable. Elisha then asks Gehazi what can we do for her? He doesn’t know her well enough to see that she is without a child. He hasn’t spoken to her or her husband to realise that she is without an heir, that she has no son. His servant knew though and explains all of this and Elisha promises her that she will embrace a son. She then replies to Elisha “No, my Lord. Man of God, do not lie to your maidservant.” She then becomes pregnant and bore a son. She never once asked for a son, she didn’t beg Elisha to lay hands on her and make her conceive a son. Elisha gave this gift because he cared for her like she cared for him.

This son grew up and died suddenly. The woman doesn’t start to cry and morn, she lays him on his bed and goes out to find a donkey and a servant. Her husband asks her what you doing? She replies I’m off to see Elisha, he asks if everything is ok? She replies “it is well.” I don’t know about you but it is well is the last thing I would say, I would be emotional because I lost my son. No, she mounts this donkey and runs to Elisha. Once she arrives Elisha sends Gahazi to ask if things are well with her husband, son and herself she replies “it is well” for the second time. She then falls at the feet of Elisha in deep morning, only when she sees the man of God does she show how she feels. She is beside herself before the man of God, she is so emotional she might get thrown out but Elisha has compassion and says leave her be, her soul is in deep distress. When she can finally speak she calls out Elisha and says I never asked for a son, why did you lie to me! Gahazi is given the task of putting Elisha staff on the boy so he runs ahead of Elisha and the woman who refuses to leave his side. When they arrived at the house Elisha prays, lies on the boy seven times and he finally awakens. She then picks him up and falls at his feet. It’s a miracle.

What I am moved by is throughout all of this she is saying “it is well” she has faith in Elisha and his God. She knew that Elisha could save her son, because he wouldn’t lie to her and give her a son to take him away, she had faith. Elisha had faith in God when he kept praying and lying on the boy he never gave up. We are called to have that kind of faith, even in our darkest times we are called to never give up on God. We are to put our trust in the God that can do anything, He can do the impossible and He never gives up on us. We also have to be happy with our normal lives, we have to put other peoples happiness before our own, just like this woman she built a room for Elisha and never asked for anything in return. The son was a gift because she was faithful and caring.

I think this is a great story of what our lives should be like, we should be happy where we are because God placed us here for this specific time. We should love and care for the people around us and go out of our way to make other people comfortable. We should know that the gifts that God gives us will help us, the promises he gives will always work out when we have faith in Him. Even when our promise looks like its been taken away or not working out to have faith in God and to see His hand in it, to worship him and to never leave His side because His ways and thoughts are higher than out own.

I am going to say “it is well” form now on because all is well in my life because God is in control. God bless you all.

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