Next Chapter!

I’m just about to start the most exciting chapter of my life! this is why I haven’t posted for a while. I’m going on a mission trip for six months to Indonesia where I will volunteer for the Love Papua Centre  I’m so excited, scared and nervous I haven’t and am still unable to express how I feel about this I words.

The last few weeks I’ve been looking at visa, health insurance, Malaria and many other things that I would fill a blog just explaining whats been going on. This is why I have neglected my blog a little and I properly will do till I land and find my feet then I will be back on form.

Over the past two weeks I’ve been to London with my beautiful sister Claire

Sister fun in London

We walked miles and miles! we visited nearly every tourist place you could imagine and it was a beautiful day of sister fun we also had a nightmare trip home but needless to say we made it back in one piece. I also have drunk more coffee than I count with countless friend who have wanted to say goodbye before I disappear for six months, I’m blessed to have great friends and family.

What’s blessed me the most is I have been able to share me love of Jesus and explain that if it wasn’t for His strength I wouldn’t be dong any of this. I’ve been asked on many occasion will I miss Christmas with my family and how can I leave them for six months? I will miss my family and friends just not working in retail at Christmas.  I also cling to Matthew:19:29-30 that I might be leaving my family, friends and comfort zone but I am doing God’s will for my life and will see the reward in heaven. Yes, I will more than likely be home sick and miss them but I know if I don’t do this I will always wonder if I should have and regret not doing this.

Claire is joking around after I asked for one family photo.

I am flying Wednesday 13th September from Birmingham to Jakarta via Dubai I’m going to be traveling for 19 hours straight. I think this might be a time where I can write some post and share with you how I feel about all this as at the moment it hasn’t quite sunk in. I have known for twelve months that I will be going back but now its fourteen days away I don’t know what I feel.

I can’t quite believe that I’m starting this adventure and that Jesus can use me miles away from home, that He’s given me the courage to fly eight thousand miles away from home and live in a culture that I don’t know and in a country where I don’t know the language. If you had seen me three years ago I wouldn’t go to the shops on my own and now I have the courage to do this. How amazing is Jesus.

I just wanted to encourage you and share with you all that’s been happening. If God wants you to go and do something way outside you comfort zone just take the steps and see where it goes because He will strengthen you and guide you through it, Jesus will give you peace through all of it. I myself might be a little stressed and nervous about all this but I have faith in Jesus to guide me through this and give me everything I need to succeed in this new chapter. I will try to keep you posted but I still have to pack and thats going to be fun. God bless you all


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