Food for thought

Food it plays such an important part of our lives. Food its nourishment, it affects our emotions and it’s a social time. I’ve recently eat out a lot more than I ever have, I have tried a lot if different cultures and every culture has its type of food.


I’ve just returned from my first taste of Indonesian food since I landed last night. I went for the traditional food rice, chicken, soup, tofu and spice sauce. I myself am not a lover of spice but I have been working my way up the spice scale for when I come back. Indonesians love spice, they even have it with fruit which I found out at desert. They brought out three desserts to try one no spice, one medium spice and another full spice. I did try all three and my favorite was the one with no spice.

What amazed me about Indonesia and what I really missed when I came back west was fellowship. They all get together and eat, they take time eating and talking they know how to make you feel welcome. They have this culture that honors people and they spent the whole time we were eating talking, I did try to follow as best as i could. They even tried to teach me some Indonesian which was funny. Imagine a Brummie talking like an Indonesian, my mouth doesn’t know how to sound like that. This kind of fellowship is normal in Indonesia as I sat there in the food hall I watched families and friend make everyone feel welcome, they all talked and just enjoyed there fellowship.

I think we have lost that in the west, we use food at fuel which it is but it’s so much more. It affects us physically, emotionally and socially. I know if I eat cheesecake all week I’m going to be heavier, sluggish and won’t want to go out. I also know if I eat healthy I fell better, my skin looks great and hopefully I will weigh less. I got into the mindset of eating to feel happy, it lasted whilst I ate but when I tried clothes on I felt awful which then made me want to eat more. I really think as a western culture we need to start to sit down to dinner together and talk at meals not hash tag our meals or meal goals. We need to have fellowship, I truly think a problem shared is a problem halved.

When you look in the New Testament at Jesus and the early disciples they all had fellowship together over food. Jesus even went to  the sinners and ate with them, in modern English He went to the pub with the drunks and shared His love with them. He would be the colleague at work who would talk to you when you have a problem, He would show them His love in quality time together. We seem to think that it’s ok to grab food on the go at the office desk or car steering wheel. I don’t think it is, we need to start eating together and talking, That’s What Jesus would do.

I will keep you up to date with my travels as best as I can God bless you all.



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