Today is the day

As I write this I’m flying on my second long haul flight which is taking me to a new chapter, 6 months in Papua volunteering at Love Papua Centre. In the last few weeks I have been absent from my blogs as I have been packing and enjoying family time. I have also been studying the Word and doing a few course.

In this time I’ve come to realize that I have made a impact on peoples lives, I’ve been inundated with good luck wishes and requests to meet up. I have done my best to juggle organizing my departure and social life. If you know me well you know I’m not the most social person out there so this has tested my limits. I’ve been to the safari park, Cosmo’s, Hickories smoke house, costa on too many counts to mention and IKEA. At all of these places I’ve managed to have conversations with people who want me to keep in touch whilst I’m half way around the world! They want to hear about my travels.

I have also spent the last month with my Mom, we’ve had a month of first with a list to long to mention them. It has given me a chance to build some memories with Mom that I wouldn’t change for the world. I have also spent time with family that I don’t see very often and its been great to share this with them and how great God is.

Christmas came early with the family

I want to encourage you that your kindness does make a difference in this world, your listening ear will help ease someone’s burden and just smiling helps more people than you will ever know. I’ve come to realize that I made a difference in a small way where God put me, I brightened up peoples day and I will be missed. This has humbled me so much, I will be missed by people I didn’t think cared for me and I’ve learnt that I made a difference. You make a difference to. Just be yourself and put God first in your life and people will see this in you.

I’ve had a few moments when I’ve needed to talk and I’ve been blessed to have a friend who always sends a verse at the right time and it always and I mean always answers my prayers. I was in bed on Tuesday feeling quite emotional because it would be my last night in the UK for 6 months. I was cuddling my cat really upset that this would be my last kitty cuddle before bed and not being able to sleep till she was happy. I happened to text this friend as I was dealing with this and also the fact that my parents we’re on holiday and would miss my flight/departure, they even took my Nanny with them. I was feeling quite emotional with the reality that they would be a phone call away but I couldn’t hug them till March. I was lying there talking to God and I get a beautiful text through that just answers all my emotions and just calmed the storm, for that Phil I will always be great full.

Kitty cuddles
I also want to thank all the people that have walked this walk with me and it’s with there help I’m doing this. Thank you Emily, Bev, Dek, Phil, Annette, Dee, Sylvia and Gorden also my beautiful family. These people have been at the end of a text at any time, they have listened to me stress about this and have been a tower of strength through this. You all have my deepest thanks and love my God bless you all.

I will ail to write more often now and share this adventure with you. God bless.

2 responses to “Today is the day”

  1. Emma I hope your now rested after them air miles, I know your going to do amazing and the next 6 months will be over so quickly. Enjoy every moment, so proud of you for taking this journey x


    • Thank you. Yes I’m well rested after the flights, yes 6 months will go quickly and I will enjoy every moment ❤️


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