Long time.

I’m writing this on my phone as I have no Wi-Fi in Manokwari, Indonesia. I’m writing this to apologise that it’s been so long, I haven’t stopped since I’ve landed. I will hopefully get Wi-Fi soon which means I can share more of what God’s doing in my life and how I’m coping eight thousand miles from home.

Waterfall on the way to a village in the moutains

I’ve been two two remote villages over mountains with nothing but dirt roads. I’ve gone to a wedding which was beautiful and I’ve never eaten so much food!

Indonesian style wedding
I’ve also done some work with the local children, prison and so much more. 

What I’ve learnt is that we don’t know how blessed we are in the West! We moan about someone parking in our space or we can’t get any sugar for our tea! Here people are living on $20 a month struggling to feed there family lucky if they can afford fresh food for there children. Yet they have more family values than we do and they respect everyone, they care for there neighbour even if it costs them their last meal.

I’ve learnt that God truly does provide and keep us safe. That He is in control of everything and no matter what He can do all things. I have really enjoyed my quite time with God I’ve gone from a loud a noisy house to total quite and I’ve managed to listen to God more and He has given me peace. That’s not to say I don’t occasionally miss home and a good cup of English tea but I’ve learnt to love God in a new way. I’ve come to realise that no matter what He is truly in control and that without Him I couldn’t do any of this. I’ve cleared out my apartment four lizards and I don’t like bugs or anything that crawls but they have ran out my apartment quicker than I could open the door. I shouted hallelujah and praise the Lord when they left.

I want to remind you that God, family and friends are important. The things of this world are not so important you can’t take them with you when you die but you can make a lasting impression on the people around you. I think the people in Indonesia are poor in some ways but they are blessed in so many others, they have their priorities right. They care about each other, they spend time tighter but more importantly they love Jesus first. They pray about everything they praise His name morning, noon and night! Jesus is everything to them because they have nothing else to rely on. I think we rely to much on what we can provide and less in what God provides, we are missing out on so much. God bless and I will keep in touch.

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