New year, new Me!

New Year new me, I’ve seen posts, videos and many things to inspire us and challenge us to be a better version of ourselves for 2018. I haven’t made any New Years resolutions this year, what I have done is commit myself to spending time with God everyday. I’ve committed to reading my bible everyday from a plan, set a time I am going to pray every morning and even time where I will worship God alone. My commitment to 2018 is to have a God centred life and for Him to change me and make me like Him.

I’m not saying New Years resolutions are bad, I actually like the idea of committing to improve an area of my life, but if you had to be honest a lot of these resolutions only last till January because we feel we need to enter this new year better than the last.

I believe that the only thing that can change you is a true relationship with God, and to truly submit to Him and to follow His plan for your life. I’m not saying that you become a robot and don’t have any thoughts or desires of your own, you just have to make sure that God is at the centre of everything you do, every decision you make because He alone has the perfect plan for your life.

This is why I haven’t made a resolution, I’m changing my lifestyle to put Jesus at the centre of it all. I am submitting everything I am to God and giving Him free reign in my life to teach me, guide me and mould my heart to be like His. You might ask why I’m writing about this, well I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and talking with God about this and I need to write about it, I need to share my heart and this is what this is my hearts response to God.

I’ve committed myself to put God in everything I do, I am keeping a short account with God about my thoughts and feeling so He can change my heart attitude to be like His. I am watching every word I speak and every thought I think so they match God’s love for us, so that I can truly understand His love for His children. I know I don’t always talk and think the right things which is why I am doing this, this is not so God can judge me but He can mould me into His likeness. So my heart can be pure and I can love people like Jesus loves them.

I’m spending more time in the Bible, I’ve started a reading plan that will help me read the bible from front to back. I’ve also decided to read proverbs and the prophets one verse at a time until I understand God, I am seeking a higher revelation of God in them. I long to know Him intimately and to understand His heart. I want to spend this year walking in wisdom and to understand how God spoke to His people in the Old Testament because the Old Testament is my weakest area of study and I want to change that. I am going to understand how God loved His people before Jesus and to understand how He spoke to His people, so I can gain more understand of God.

Prayer and worship is something that I can’t live without, I love worship, I love singing my praises to God and drawing closer to Him. Prayer is something that I do throughout the day and never really dedicated a specific time to prayer which is why I have chosen to do that now. I am now spending an hour just to pray to God and to seek Him and His revelation to me personally, this will also be how I worship Him. I am asking God to help me to pray and to teach me how to pray for what He needs me to pray. I’m asking Him to guide me in this area, as prayer unlocks blessing from heaven. I am also still praying for people, friends and family but this hour will be all about God and seeking Him because I need Him more everyday because I can’t live this life without Him.

I hope this heartfelt response to my time with God will help you, I know writing it has helped me to commit and have faith that this year will be all about God. I pray and believe 2018 will be a great time of revelation for those who truly seek God. God bless you all.

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