Light of my life.

I apologise that I haven’t written anything over the last few months, I’ve come home early and had quite a lot of things to deal with. I landed in England on Thursday 25th January and on Sunday 28th January I had the privilege to see my Nan return to the Lord. In those three days I spent some time with my Nan and we shared many special moments. In the end Claire and myself singing her favourite hymn Amazing Grace  and we said her prayer for the last time, she then peacefully slipped away to be reunited with the Lord and Ted our Grandad.

Nan was 95 years old and she was such a women of faith and there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by where I haven’t miss her. She was the light of my life, everyone who met her said she sparkled and she was just great fun to be around. She was one of the most positive people I know, even though her life hasn’t been easy,  she never let things get her down. She had such a strength and determination that got her through life, she just made the world a better place. She was a women who spoke her mind, who said the truth (sometimes not in a tactful way) but she always said everything with love. She never held a grudge and she forgave quickly, she loved everyone around her with her whole heart.

She also was one well-traveled lady who loved the warm weather and we spent many family holidays together. I remember our last holiday when she 93, we spent the week together in one room and I got to see how come she has such a positive look on the world. Every night she would pray to her “Blessed Lord” and she would thank Him for a wonderful day, family, friends, her health and strength to get through the day. She would even talk to my Granddad who passed away 5 years ago and she even told him the football results.

This time she spent praying wasn’t religious it was her speaking to a friend, someone she has spent time with and loved with all her heart. She spoke to him in her Black Country accent and asked for Him to watch over all the people she held dear. I will never ever forget this and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever had the privilege to see and hear. I also know that the first thing she did every morning was thank the Lord for a good nights sleep, for another day and she would also ask for the strength to get through the day ahead. I believe that this is the reason my Nan always smiled and was a light to those around her, she spoke to the light of this world before she started her day and after she finished it.

My Nan had a simple faith and trusted that God would get her through what ever came her way. My Nan alway said to me “If you can’t do a good turn, then don’t do a bad one” she lived out love your neighbour everywhere she went. She had old-fashioned faith that God is always there, will always be there so why worry about it. This is the kind of faith I want and this is the kind of legacy I want to leave this world with.

I’ve been privileged to have a Nan who loved us and prayed for us, she showed us how to live by her values. She made everything beautiful and I know that no matter where I go she will always be with me, Nan I love you and I want to thank you for being the light of my life.  I want to thank you for always being with me and always supporting me, you loved us all with all your heart. You were a faithful Wife, Mother, Nan and friend. Everyone who had the privilege to know you will miss you, Nan you made this world a better place.  God bless you and we will neet again soon.


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