“It is only as we see His holiness, His absolute purity and moral hatred of sin, that we will be gripped by the awfulness of sin against the Holy God.” The Pursuit of Holiness – Jerry Bridges.

I’ve just started this book and this quote made me stop and think. I thought about my pursuit of Holiness and do I really what the purity that comes with Holiness because it means work.

Sin. It’s something we all do and have done, we will also continue doing it till the day we die. I’ve been thinking about my attitude towards sin, towards every sin big or small, is such thing as a small sin?

Jesus tell us to have hateful thoughts is the same as murder! Also taking a pen from the office is theft. Looking at the opposite sex with lust is adultery or immortality. Which has become acceptable in this day and age, every time you open Facebook or turn on the tv you see sexuality displayed. Sin has become something that is around every corner so how can we as Christians pursue Holiness?

I believe we need to look at God and His holiness, purity and hatred of sin. I believe when you love Jesus with all your heart then you change, you become a new creation. You become a child of God and the more you spend time with Him and seek a relationship with God the more attuned you become to sin. Then it’s your choice to repent and submit to God’s authority and correction or carry on sinning and living a lifestyle that’s not acceptable to God.

Holiness is a daily pursuit that we will never get right till were face to face with Jesus. But, should we give up because it’s not attainable? No. I think it’s a lifestyle that you adopt and ask God to help you with. It’s like the lifestyle of prayer and worship. It’s not always easy to worship and pray especially when your in the valley but you do it anyway because you don’t look at valley you look to God and worship Him. I think if we stopped looking at our sinful behaviour and focused on God and His holiness. Then we can become free from our sin and we can pursue His plans for us and we can be transformed by His word. We can live in the identity God has for us and not the identity sin has given us.

I’ve been save four years, and nearly all the things I used to do four years ago I don’t do any more. Why, because they lead me to temptations and situations I know as a Christian I should not be in. I’ve change reading, tv and movie habits. I even chose who I spend time with because I want to live according to God’s word. I want to pursuiy holiness and His presence. I don’t miss any of my old ways because what I have gained is so much better. I have gained a friend, savour and comforter who will teachs me and guides me every day.

I know I won’t achieve Holiness till I’m in heaven but I can submit to God and give Him each day. I can pray for the strength to face sin and temptation as they arise in my life. I can also look back and see how far I have come in this journey with God which will give me the passion I need for the next season. I’m pursuining Holiness. God bless you.

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