When was the last time you sang to Me?

I’ve been thinking about worship, true worship to God. I’ve been questioning when was the last time I just sang to Him from my heart and not with my favourite worship songs in the background. When was the last time I truly worshiped in Spirit and truth? When I wasn’t going through the motions just singing along with my play list on Spotify. When my heart truly connected with God.

If your anything like me you have certain worship songs that mean something to you, that have got you through a tough time. You will also have different playlist depending on your mood, feelings and kind of atmosphere you want to create. I’m one of these people who finds traditional Hymns beautiful but I can’t listen to them for too long because they put me to sleep, same with Hillsong and the slow paced songs. I tend to listen to more dare I say it rockier worship songs because that is my musical preference. That’s not to say that I don’t throw in a traditional song or two for fun. At the moment I am listening to Jesus Culture “Freedom,” Chris McClarney “Breakthrough” and for King and Country “Joy” because the lyrics move me and make me reflect on my own walk with God.

I have found that a lot of the churches, conferences and places of worship I attend seem to focus on the singing and not the art of worship. I’m learning it truly is an art form and I can understand why they dedicated certain Levites to just singing and worship before the Lord. I have found that I might be singing ‘Amazing grace’ but unless my mind and spirit is truly connected to the song, my body can go through the motions. I could be planning my week, my shopping and having thoughts run throughout my head. I guess this is where the scripture take every thought captive really comes into play. It’s like my body goes into auto pilot and I sing and connect with the song on a physical level but not a spiritual level.

I have come to realise that I tend to use music to create an atmosphere and that I tend to sing and not connect my spirit into the worship. I’m having to break my routine that normally works well for me and just let my heart sing whatever come to mind. I have realised that even thought I have been worshiping God and setting time apart to worship Him I haven’t been doing that whole heartedly and with my spirit. This is something that’s outside my comfort zone in because I like my music loud so no one can hear me sing, now I have no music and I’m singing what comes to mind. I am finding this new worship or shall I say song more intimate with God because I connect to His heart. I’ve even started singing in the Spirit which is refreshing because I know its God’s song in my heart and not my own.

This is what I am working on personally at the moment with God and I want you to think when was the last time you just sang to God, when was the last time you sat with Jesus and just worshiped Him for who He is. When was the last time you were truly free in expressing your love for God. I would like to remind you that we enter His presence with thanks giving and praise, I find that’s when you worship in Spirit and truth and where your heart connects with our Father in heaven. I now love to sing random songs to God I even mix up the songs, word and tunes but God doesn’t care about that because my heart and mind is solely fixed on Him and all He is.

Dear Lord, I want to thank you for the love you have for me and the love you have for whoever is reading this. I want to thank you that we can worship you in Spirit and truth. I ask that who ever is reading this will come to a deeper revelation of your love and that they can worship you with all there heart. I want to thank you that we enter your presence with thanks giving and your courts with praise and that we can freely enter your presence. Thank you for the sacrifice you made so that I can be free to love you with all my heart. Amen

One response to “When was the last time you sang to Me?”

  1. It’s worshippers Him in truth and spirit.


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