This is a word that sums me up at the moment. I feel like I don’t quite fit in anywhere that I am between world’s, culture, events and people.

I want to encourage you if you know anyone who is away from home for a long time please keep them up to date with everything no matter how small. I want to tell you how much it means to me to hear from my Mom and she tells me about all the things she doing it really helps me to connect to my family.

Believe me there is nothing to small to share, I love to hear about family every day life. I miss the day to day things like eating breakfast together and reading our bible’s together. Even moaning about the weather or talking about our hair or anything else we can an hour talking about.

This also means my friends, I have to admit that the only people who contact me regularly are my family. I have a text off dear friends every few days and it’s normally a bible verse or encouragement, it very rarely just normal conversation.

I want to remind you missionaries and any one who travels are normal people. I myself love the conversations about the series someone is watch or books they are reading. I miss these conversations and I miss just talking about nothing particularly because we can.

I really enjoy talking to someone back home because I can speak normally, not thinking about translation or if they will understand my dialect. If you know anyone who is far from home please arrange a time to talk and have a normal everyday conversation with them.

I also know I need to make the time to call people and just talk. I know it’s a two way street but please tell me about your life, when I’m in England I’m part of it. This helps when we’re missing home we don’t feel so far away and still feel connected to our family, friends and churh. God bless.