Calling and Sacrifice

As Christians we are lucky to have some great preacher, teachers and evangelist out there who are willing to teach the next generation. There are plenty online study course, internships, conferences and books written by amazing men and women of God for example A.W Tozer, Smith Wigglesworth, C.S Lewis the list is endless.

I have the privilege to work with two anointed women of God who founded Voice in the City, Suzette Hattingh and Gayle Claxton. These women not only preach and teach the gospel they live and breath it, they also inspire me to keep walking in humility, grace, love and faith.

What makes these men and women different?

Sacrifice, obedience and a relationship with God. They are people of prayer, who spend hours praying, who have integrity and live a life completely for God glory. They understand that they are called by God, they don’t look at other people in envy or comparison and they keep there eyes fixed on Him. They realise that they can’t do it themselves, they trust completely in Him and don’t claim credit for the anointing in there meetings, they give the glory to God.

Everyone wants anointed meetings, everyone wants souls to be saved and people to be healed but, are they prepared for the cost?

I’ve seen first hand the preparation that goes into every event and crusade. The hours of prayer and fasting, the hours focused on what is Gods plan, also having the freedom to let God take over, the healings, miracles and the lost souls being saved. It’s down to the sacrifice of the team and the hours we spend in prayer, I know that neither Suzette or Gayle will pick up a microphone without being right with God and hearing from Him, they spend hours seeking Him and His face so they can share what’s on His heart.

You can’t preach fire unless you touch fire – Suzette Hattingh

What I’ve come to believe and understand, is the only way to impact people around you is to have a relationship with God, and the only way to follow your calling is to walk close to Him and do what He asks you. I love what David said in

1 Chronicles 21:24 NKJV (emphasis mine)

“No, but I will surely buy it for the full price, for I will not take what is yours for the Lord, nor offer burnt offerings with that which cost me nothing

It’s not easy to sacrifice, it hurts and it costs you. But, the more you sacrifice of yourself the more you realise how far you are from God and the more you need Him completely, that unless you give Him the driving seat you can’t reach the destination you desire. I’m learning that I can’t do what I’m doing, I am not qualified or equipped to, but God will equip me because He has called me. That if I want to see the dreams He has given me, then I need to sacrifice the things of this world, I am called uniquely for His plans and I don’t have to look like someone else. My life is like a thread in a tapestry without it the picture could be finished but it wouldn’t be complete; that if I don’t pursue the things of God and seek Him then I just drift along in this world without making an impact.

I’m slowly realising the sacrifice it takes and the cost that needs to be paid so that I can follow my dreams. I’m working them through slowly and realising that without God I can’t do anything, that without Him its all just words. That unless He is in control and I sacrifice everything to Him I will never reach the potential that God has for me, that I will fall short of His plan. That unless I spend that time in prayer, worship and relationship with him its all futile. I want to reach my calling and I am willing to sacrifice everything to see my dreams come to reality. God bless.

The bigger calling, greater the sacrifice.

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