Wherever I go.

How much comfort is it to know that no matter where I go God is with me, that His hand is guiding me and that His strength will be with me. Let’s break this verse down a little.

Wherever I go.

I can be at home, on holiday, mission, work or shopping God is with me. I can be facing the biggest challenge of my life and God is with me; I can be walking through the valley and God is right by my side. How much comfort does that bring you to know no matter what you go through God is right by you side, whatever challenge God is standing right with you. That He will never leave you or forsake you that He is stuck to you like glue.

Your hand will guide me.

The hand that moulded this world and holds the waters is guiding you. I can picture a path and two hand either side making sure my foot stay where they need to go, I can even see the hand lift in me from the clay when I faulter and follow my ideas. When you have Gods hand guiding you you can’t go wrong. When you hold someone’s hand they can walk with you, in front of you or walk behind you. This is our choice..we can walk beside, behind or in front of God. I don’t know about you but I want to walk beside Him. I want to hold his hand and know that I am being led by someone who have perfect plan for me.

Your strength will empower me.

It’s great to know that God will give me the strength when I’m weak, that when I’m facing problems or sin He will empower me. There is strength in His presence that will empower you to walk in His ways, His name has the power over every sin and temptation you face. I love what Paul says in 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My strength is made perfect in weakness.” It’s Gods strength that made perfect in our weakness and Paul even boast that he is weak because he knows he can’t do anything without God. That it’s only God that empowers him to do what he is doing and face the promise given to him.

This has blessed me to know no matter what I’m doing through or where I am God is with me. I just wanted to share this quick thought wig you and I hope it has blessed you.

One response to “Wherever I go.”

  1. It is a blessing thank you Emma.
    And these two are a blessing
    , my grandchildren. They’ve just celebrated birthdays 7 and 5. Shalom
    Sent from my iPad

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