An open door

I know all that you’ve done. Now I have set before you a wide-open door that none can shut. For I know that you possess only a little power, yet you’ve kept my word and haven’t denied my name.

Revelation 3:8 TPT

I’m back in England now after being away eight months. I decided to spend just over three weeks in South Africa on my way back to England, and this three weeks changed my life. I had a plan in my head to come back to England and study in a Bible college, because I didn’t know what else to do…now its all changed.

Let’s go back to the beginning, I was in Indonesia when I had the Word from God to ‘go back home.’ Now if you know me well, I love Indonesia and the people but, I felt unsettled for a few months and decided to follow this voice and go home. I planned on going back in December, then after speaking with Suzette I decided to go to South Africa on the way home. We talked about in in July and confirmed it about seven weeks before I went, I just had this peace in my heart to go…little did I know of the impact it would have on me!

In this time I was planning on coming back to England and going to college, the problem was that God hadn’t given me the word to go! this was my agreement with Him that if He ever sent me back home I would study because I love to read His Word. I had a plan all set out in my head and I planned out what I wanted to do, then going to South Africa changed everything! 

I landed and just fell in love with the place, I’ve been back less than a week and all my heart longs is to go back! I love the people and I’ve made some great friends there and this took me by complete surprise. I never thought that this would happen, that I would feel a sense of belonging but, I do. I had it all in my head to ‘go home.’ I fought this feeling but I can’t deny it,  I love the nations, I love South Africa and I don’t think I am called to stay in England.

Now, this verse has been following me for days, weeks and years. I wondered what it meant when I read it again. But, this verse has come up every time I have to make a life changing decision. I read it when I started volunteering at Voice in the City, when I decided to give my whole life to God and follow Him completely and now it comes as I’m weighing the decision to stay in England or South Africa. I know that God will open which ever door I need as He has guided me so far, even though I have little strength in myself and question everything. But, He knows that I am trying to keep His word, He knows all that I have done and given up to walk this path and I must trust that He will guide me. He knows my heart and the desires of it and I have to trust yet again as I face an uncertain future into His hands. I would have thought I would have been better at this by now…but I guess not.

I’m spending a lot more time in worship and quiet before God because I know I need to hear His voice. I am seeking His face and will for the next season in my life and I want to encourage you if you are facing a season that’s uncertain to seek God, to spend time with Him and He will give you the answers. I’m not there yet but, I know I will be because God is faithful and wants what’s best for me. Let Him into your decisions and He will guide you, He will teach you more about yourself as you spend time with Him. He will equip you to make the decisions and sacrifice needed to be obedient to Him. God bless you.

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