I’ve been thinking on relationships as I go about reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in over a year, you would think that that’s easy…well it’s not! I’ve missed out on special occasions, events that shaped their life and even their day to day lives, so we should have a lot to catch up on. No…we don’t and it’s hard! We’ve either seemed to grow apart or grow closer over the last year, and I can count on my one hand the people I’ve spoken to regularly.

I’ve come to realise that communication pays a key in all relationships, that no matter what kind of relationship, you need to express yourself in a way that they understands. You need to spend time with that person and have communication, two-way communication. You need to invest time into the relationship and be committed to them; you only get out of a relationship what you put in.

So, how does this relate to God and our relationship to Him? How about if you only spoke to Him once a year is that a relationship? How about if you only talk about yourself and never give Him chance to speak, is that a relationship? If we only speak to Him when we have a problem, is that a relationship? I can tell you that this isn’t a relationship; that it’s the opposite of a relationship it’s religion. 

God’s showed me that how I felt being neglected and hurt by people I used to call friends is how He feels when we squeeze Him into our schedules. This isn’t what we’re called to do as Christians, we are called to have a relationship with Him and put Him first. This is what God created mankind for; he created us to have a relationship with Him. This means seeking Him first, worshiping Him for who He is and not what we can get, to spend time with Him and to listen to Him and not just come with a shopping list of needs.

This is when we move from religion to relationship, this is when you start to see things in the way that God wants you to, and this is when you can take your battles to God and still rejoice because He is your strength. This is where you can walk with Him daily and never loose the peace He gives you, I’m not saying that life will be easy but it’s worth changing religion for a relationship. 

I’ve come to realise that I need to change my relationship with God, I need to put Him first before anyone else and that I need to make time to listen. I’ve also learnt that I need to invest more time in friendship and not be hurt when seasons change. That the only thing I can rely on is God, and my first priority is a relationship with Him. If you do have any friends that you haven’t spoken to in a while, or you know a missionary on the field please give them a message just to let them know your thinking of them. Because I can tell you how lonely it gets and how isolated you feel even doing God will, that the smallest of messages from someone at home makes you feel connected and cared about. God bless.