Dealing with the lies you believe!

We all know this verse and yes I know I’m a new creation and the old way of life has passed, the old life of sin and death has passed. I know I’ve become new and when God looks at me He doesn’t see my sins because they’ve been taken care of on Calvary. He now sees His daughter, I’m adopted into His family and that’s a great place to be. This happens the day you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour! 

Now the real work begins, you now have to deal with all the thoughts and emotions you’ve been putting into yourself. You have to deal with the years of living by the world’s standards, cultures and beliefs! You have to deal with all the lies you’ve told yourself and believed about yourself, you have to look at yourself and see what God says about you and not what the world says about you.

Stop imitating the ideals and opinions of the culture around you, but be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of how you think. This will empower you to discern God’s will as you live a beautiful life, satisfying and perfect in his eyes.

Romans 12.2 TPT

I had to understand that for twenty-eight years I had lived by the world standards and I had sown those seed in my mind and emotions. They were dug deep into my soul, which is where your will and emotions all stem from. This is where I believed that I’m unlovable, unworthy and unattractive, this is where I believed the lie that I was deserved everything that I got and that finding someone who would love me as I am was impossible. This is why I could believe that I deserved to be alone that I deserved the pain and that every time I spoke to people I was just waiting for rejection that they would see the real me and see that I’m not worthy of their time.

We’re made up of three parts body, soul and spirit. Your body is your outer shell, it’s where you’re it’s where you have your five natural senses and this is temporary, this will not live forever. Then you have your soul, this is where your mind and emotions are, this is where learnt behaviours are rooted and this is where we face daily battles with wrong thinking or believing. The Spirit is where the Holy Spirit dwells it’s perfect and the true reflection of God. The Spirit and Body are connected by the soul, your emotions and mind. This is where we have to take every thought captive and guard our hearts from emotions.

I’m a big believer in the fact that we have sown seeds into our soul, good and bad. This is where you need to take the lies you believe and replace them with the truth of God. This is where the true battle is, this is where you get to choose what you believe and this is where you can have strongholds that the enemy can use. 

I myself am doing this and it’s a daily walk, I have to take the seeds that were sown in the twenty eight years before I knew God and remove them, I have to dig up the roots and replace them with what the Word says about me. I am in the process of dealing with rejection and the consequences of that, I never feel good enough and I have trouble trust people. I now have a choice as a born again believer do I leave these thoughts or strongholds and give the enemy a foot hold in my mind or do I take them down brick by brick and thought by thought! It’s not easy and the only thing that helps me in the Word, which is truth. The more I fill my heart and mind (soul) with truth the easier it is to detect the lies and replace them with the truth.

I don’t have a quick fix for you, I don’t have a pill that will change this I just have the Bible and the living God who wants us free. I want to encourage you to keep seeking the truth and to believe the truth that God says about you. I want to encourage you to find key Bible verses that speak to you and when these thoughts come to repeat that verse and to believe that verse. I’m learning to stand on certain verse when I’m tired and my defences are low, when I get emotional and all rational thinking leaves me. I’m learning to have people around me whom I can be honest with, who I can share everything and I know they won’t judge me. They offer me Spiritual advice and practical advice, also lots of wisdom and they call me out on my self-destructive behaviour. I’m thankful that she takes no messing, is always there for me and I know I could call her anytime. 

I want to encourage you not to walk this life alone, you need people around you who will help you and encourage you. I’m still walking this path and I’m better than I used to be but not where I want to be. I just hope this helps someone and that I can encourage you that it does get easier the more time you spend correcting your heart and head, that eventually the things you used to struggle with aren’t so daunting.

God bless you and keep seeking His face.

3 responses to “Dealing with the lies you believe!”

  1. I LOVED this! I needed it. Please pray that I, too, would cling to the truth of the Word, especially when things from the enemy seem so real as if they were from God. Thank you. 🙂


    • I always find it easier to stick with the one verse God gave you and is personal to you. Then when the enemy comes and tries to steal that you sing that verse, pray that verse and meditate on that verse. Some days I can say it 10 times other 100 it all depends on you and what your going through.
      I’m just happy that I could encourage and help you. God bless and I’ll be praying for you to stay rooted in the Word which brings truth 🙂


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