An abundant life!

This is the scripture is Gods promise to His children!

I measure everything in life through this verse, it could be a thought or situation. If it brings life and is something that blesses me or someone I love I keep it, if it steals my peace makes me worry I reject it. I go with my inner witness of the Holy Spirit, if He give me a go, I go if He says stay, I stay. I always follow this witness and if I don’t have the witness of the Holy Spirit I don’t allow it to take root in my life. I won’t allow it to have influence in my heart or mind.

I want to encourage you to listen to that witness and follow its promptings because that’s God speaking to you. Of course you need to check it against scripture and make sure you know that it’s God but once you do, don’t be moved or swayed by people or wayward thoughts. Follow and listen for God, He will give you everything you need and it will be more them you ever dreamed or expected. God bless.

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