Lifestyle of prayer

We are all called to have a prayer life and if your anything like me you always feel like you should pray more. You never quite feel like you’ve prayed the right thing or gone deep enough or hard enough.

In my own opinion prayer is one leg that moves us towards God but we need the other worship. Together they enable you to walk into any situation with a Spiritual confidence that is born from a relationship with God. We need to strengthen our prayer and worship life not just focusing on one or the other.

These both work hand in hand and what prayer cant break through, worship will! Worship lifts our eyes to God and prayer is expressing our heart to our Father.

If you ask me prayer is not as popular in the church because it seems like work. Prayer to me is just a conversation with my Father, I do a lot of my praying in the car where I have no one around and I can be totally honest with God. I have my lunch hour and I spend a decent amount of time just talking or worshipping my Father. If you asked me what my prayer time is I would say 80-90% worship with music or I’m praising and thanking God. Then I’d say I spend some time praying in the Spirit and then the only time I actually speak is when God lays a Scripture or picture in my heart. I sometimes get pictures showing me what I need to pray for, or I get a verse and I pray that over people, places and nations.

This is why I say I have a lifestyle of prayer because my whole life is fixed on God. I spend a lot of time thinking about Scripture, studying or worshipping and only when I have a direct Word will I speak. This is because it’s His Word that doesn’t return void or without fruit. His Word has the power and i dont want to add my thoughts or words.

I do spend time before God like any child would sharing with their Father, I share my day, thoughts and feelings – this is my devotional time when I need to voice my heart to God. This involves tears, laughter and lots of praise because when I praise my anxiety fades and the truth of who God is shines through and breaks through my heart.

I love this time with my Father and I just think its something that we make overly Spiritual, when in honesty its just a conversation with my Father in heaven. We add a lot of extra to prayer when really it’s your relationship with your Father, yes there are many types of prayer that flow from this relationship but prayer is an open communication with God.

We seem to spend a lot of time running to and fro, always trying to do things ASAP always hurrying. I’m not a fan of the normal ASAP abbreviation – as soon as possible – this just causes us to burn out on things of this world. I like ASAP – Always Say A Prayer! I think if you have time to worry and stress about it, which in itself is a kind of meditation, then we have time to Always Say A Prayer, this is when you focus your spirit on God and start focusing your thoughts on Him, the right kind of meditation.

I just want to leave that thought with you about how prayer and worship go hand in hand and we always say a prayer instead of worrying. God bless.

Remember to pray 🙏🏻

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