Encouraged from the inside out!

When I think of this verse and all the times I’ve heard it spoke about it’s always about other people. Well I want to take this verse and start encouraging myself.

I want to challenge you to start encouraging yourself and your thoughts. If anxiety and fear bring depression why do we meditate on these things? Why don’t we stop and encourage ourselves with Gods Word and all He has done for us. Then we will have a joyful heart and be free of the shackles of anxiety.

If you stopped and thought about how we speak to ourselves and our inner thought life, would you be happy with it? Would you ever speak to your best friend like it? Would you call them dumb, ugly, useless and worthless…No you wouldn’t – you would never say that to someone else so why do we say this to ourselves. Why do we think it’s ok to berate ourselves from the inside out?

How many times have I done something wrong at work and called myself stupid! When in reality I’m not, I’m just learning something new and I’m growing every day. How often have I thought I don’t look good enough! How often have my thoughts caused me to feel down and caused me to doubt myself.

I’m stopping this inner dialogue and I’m encouraging myself in what I know is true. I’m a child of God, I’m brought with a price and I’m made in His image. I get things wrong but I am encouraging myself and looking how far I have come with God. How many battles I’ve faced and got through with God and no matter what’s going on God will see me through now.

Would you spend some time with God everyday to speak His truths to yourself, to stop and challenge your thoughts when they try to steer you off course. Will you encourage yourself in the truth of Gods word and start speaking love to yourself. Will you move from fear and anxiety to freedom and faith. Will you love yourself like you love others and love who you are from the inside out. God bless ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

Start your morning right ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

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