About Emma

I’m in my thirties and I am a Christian. This is something that I am proud of and it forms the center of who I am. I am also from England, the West Midlands to be fact and I come from some region in the west Midland called the Black Country. It is a place where there were factories and industrial trade, it is now a place where every culture has its home.

I believe that the Bible is Gods word for us and that it contains His truth. I also believe the Jesus was crucified and that He is risen from the dead so now we can have eternal life through Him. I believe that His love changes us and that we are never the same, that we become new creations when we are brought into his family.

I want to travel and show the world the love of Jesus. I don’t understand what that looks like yet but I am preparing for it. If it means talking to people I will, if it means sharing my life with them I will and I will try to do this with as much love and compassion as I can.

I haven’t got all the answers to life, only Jesus has those all I can offer is my thoughts and my faith in the God that saved my soul. I want to share with everyone the good, the bad and the in between. I want to share with you it all as I want to help in your hard times, because I have found we don’t share our bad time. We don’t talk about them and share them, we don’t ask for help and we are looking a life through social media expecting everything g to be ok when in reality it’s not. We will have the good, the bad and the ugly in life and it’s how we prepaid that makes the difference.

I hope this helps you and helps you grow in your faith in Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t know where I would be if He hadn’t saved me I just pray I can help you along your journey with the Jesus, and help you find out who you are when you walk with Him at your side.

Just remember Jesus loves you.