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I am what I say.

I've spent the last few days at a loose end, I've finished work and I have a few weeks till I start a new venture so I've been thinking. Which, is dangerous I know! but, I thought about all the things I say. I think about all the times I wake up after a great nights sleep to less than a hour later say "I am tired" and guess what I'm yawning later feeling really exhausted. I also have the tendency to say "I am clumsy" which then follows by me tripping or dropping something. I also say a lot of other things which are not always true but have become a habit that I have picked up over the years.

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Not Churched!

I know a lot of people have grown up in the church and that’s great. I’m not one of them, I haven’t grown up in church I didn’t go to Sunday school, I haven’t been to youth camp and other things growing up. I didn’t spend my early and mid twenties in church either I…

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You had me at hello!

I must confess I love movies, I have spent a lot of my life watching movies. I love to check out the actors, see what they've been in before and you know just enjoy the story. I recently watched Jerry Maguire, what can I say I like Tom Cruise and Renée Zellweger in the 1996 classic I still remember the first time I watched as a teenager. The scene where Jerry is confessing his love to Dorothy "I love you, you complete me." Wow! But what follows is the iconic line "you had me at hello!" Teenage heart forever changed by a rom-com's take on love that is never quite obtainable.

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God loves you 

I know this world is searching for peace and love, if you are searching for love then look at Jesus. He is love. He came to earth to save us from sin and shame by dying on the cross so that we can know the love of the Father. This love will change you and…

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Yes I’m single, yes I’m over thirty! It’s a choice on my part, I choose to trust God to provide everything I need in life and yes that includes a partner. I know it might not happen and you know what I have finally accepted that I’m ok with being single. I have come to…

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I love Papua

Papua Indonesia is a beautiful place, I was lucky enough to spend two weeks their last summer on a mission with Voice in the City and Love Papua team. We spent two weeks in Manokwari were I fell in love with the place. 

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Worship, the hearts song.

Worship, as a church attending Christian it's something your all should be familiar with. It's the thing that starts off the Sunday service, be it hymns, Hill song or any form of singing.  Worship isn't just about songs, we can experience God through them but true worship is something more.

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Reconnect to charger!

If anyone was to ask me how the last few days have been I would say exhausting. Saturday afternoon after I finished work I felt like my battery was on 3% and I was only doing the bare essentials, which consisted of eat, sleep, and work. If I were my smartphone I would’ve turned myself…

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