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Food for thought

Food it plays such an important part of our lives. Food its nourishment, it affects our emotions and it’s a social time. I’ve recently eat out a lot more than I ever have, I have tried a lot if different cultures and every culture has its type of food. I’ve just returned from my first…

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Today is the day

As I write this I’m flying on my second long haul flight which is taking me to a new chapter, 6 months in Papua volunteering at Love Papua Centre. In the last few weeks I have been absent from my blogs as I have been packing and enjoying family time. I have also been studying…

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Knocked down and mistreated.

People say "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and I've come to the conclusion that its true. There might be times where you come pretty close to all you can bear, but it hasn't killed you and we're still standing. We are victorious and not defeated by all the things sent to destroy us.

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Easter Sunday at church I was lucky enough to share a small part of my testimony with people. I didn’t know it was going to be recorded and seeing as its out there on the internet why not share it with you. I did this because when I got baptised I couldn’t speak and I…

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