I love Papua

Papua Indonesia is a beautiful place, I was lucky enough to spend two weeks their last summer on a mission with Voice in the City and Love Papua team. We spent two weeks in Manokwari were I fell in love with the place. 

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Like Eagles.

I've been fascinated with eagles, it started with Isaiah 40:31. I wondered why God chose eagles out of all His creation, why not a lion? why not another animal? I since then have been looking at the eagle as an animal and they are magnificent. I believe we can look at the eagle and apply its special skills to our walk with God.

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Worship, the hearts song.

Worship, as a church attending Christian it's something your all should be familiar with. It's the thing that starts off the Sunday service, be it hymns, Hill song or any form of singing.  Worship isn't just about songs, we can experience God through them but true worship is something more.

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All your heart.

God wants all your heart, He wants you to trust Him to direct your steps through life, He wants you to stop trying to figure it out on your own and to leave your past behind you. He wants you to have faith in Him.

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Reconnect to charger!

If anyone was to ask me how the last few days have been I would say exhausting. Saturday afternoon after I finished work I felt like my battery was on 3% and I was only doing the bare essentials, which consisted of eat, sleep, and work. If I were my smartphone I would’ve turned myself…

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I can do all things.

This verse is a verse very close to my heart, it was one of the first I memorised because I needed all of God’s strength just to get through the day, and guess what I still do just in a different way. I love this because it say I can do all things. I don’t think when…

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Dwell’s in the secret place.

I’ve been walking round work with this verse going through my head, so I’ve decided to reflect and write about it. Anybody that dwells in a place lives there, they choose to make that place their home. It’s their retreat, safe place somewhere where they can find rest. He who dwells in the secret place…

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Overflow part 2

We live in a world where people need peace, joy, hope and love. People are longing to find these things. People are seeking the stars, gurus and coaches to make themselves better. As christians we have the answer to hope, Jesus. We have the key to finding joy and that is fixing our eyes on…

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Overflowing part 1.

I knew there was something wrong with my heart when I spoke about certain people. Yes, I said all the Christian things, God bless them, I wish them all the happiness in the world. You know the lines, you’re properly doing the same yourself about a few people in your life right now; your ex…

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